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Nassau Coalition for Responsible Development is a group of concerned citizens, businesses, and non-profit organizations who want the best possible outcome for redeveloping the Nassau Hub.

We care about local business. We care about our environment. We care about Nassau County's future.

The Nassau Hub in Uniondale, New York is directly across the street from a university, a community college, and a Catholic school – a student population of over 33,000 students. The Hub is within five miles of approximately 60,000 students ranging from preschool through graduate school. Placing a casino amid so many children and young adults does not serve them or their communities.

As a Coalition, we are concerned with the increased addiction and mental health struggles facing our students. Research has shown proximity to a casino can enable and worsen these problematic behaviors and health issues.

Gambling is not our only concern. The presence of a casino will increase an already heavy traffic burden on our surrounding community, a community that has already been flagged as having dangerous levels of pollution and poor water quality. The new demand for buses and increased use of our local highways will worsen our community's quality of life, particularly because there is scant public transportation that serves the Hub.

There is a right way to move forward. We agree that the Nassau Hub is full of potential. Instead of a casino, we have the opportunity to invest in mixed-use development that is sustainable and creates a destination for residents and businesses. This is our chance to work together to broaden our economy and expand into clean energy, biotech, and other industries.

With your help, the Nassau Coalition of Responsible Development can educate the public and ensure residents are able to build our future the right way. Join us!

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We are in favor of development decisions that generate more revenue and give us the resources we need to reinvest in our community.

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Pro-Responsible Growth

We know Nassau County must continue to develop. We support responsible development that takes accounts for the traffic, environmental, cultural and social requirements of our communities.

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We believe responsible development means creating sustainable, good-paying jobs that grow greater opportunity in Nassau County.

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We support local unions and their efforts to guarantee decent pay, affordable health care, and reasonable working conditions.